Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What happens to the certification I received with ASNR?
A: You will continue to be certified by ASNR. 

Q: Since I am certified with ASNR, will this mean my certification will be grandfathered in to UCNS Neural Repair and Rehabilitation Certification?
A: No.  In order to attain UCNS Certification, you will need to take the UCNS exam.

Q: When will the UCNS Neural Repair and Rehabilitation exam be available to take?
A: The Neural Repair and Rehabilitation certification examination is scheduled the week of December 14-19, 2014.  Applications will be available the first week of April 2014. The application deadline is July 15, 2014.

Q: There are no UCNS Neural Repair and Rehabilitation accredited fellowship programs yet.  Can I still take the exam?
A: Yes.  The Practice Track will be available for five years.  After this timeframe, only those graduating from an UCNS Certified Fellowship Program will be able to take the exam.

Q: I currently direct a Neurorehabilitation Fellowship Program.  How do I receive UCNS certification for my fellowship program?
A: The accreditation material for the fellowship programs are under development.  Once complete, the fellowship directors will be provided the accreditation materials.

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