NNR Editor’s Choices

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February 2024 - Criteria and indicators for Centers of Clinical Excellence in stroke recovery and rehabilitation: A global consensus facilitated by ISRRA

January 2024 - A roadmap for research in post-stroke fatigue: Consensus-based core recommendations from the third Stroke Recovery and Rehabilitation Roundtable

November/December 2023 - Moderate-Severe TBI as a Progressive Disorder: Patterns and Predictors of Cognitive Declines in the Chronic Stages of Injury

October 2023 - Anti-Nogo-A Antibody Therapy Improves Functional Outcome Following Traumatic Brain Injury

September 2023 - aBnormal motION capture In aCute Stroke (BIONICS): A Low-Cost Tele-Evaluation Tool for Automated Assessment of Upper Extremity Function in Stroke Patients

July 2023 - Predicting Motor Outcomes Using Atlas-Based Voxel Features of Post-Stroke Neuroimaging: A Scoping Review

May 2023 - Does Exercise Attenuate Disease Progression in People With Parkinson’s Disease? A Systematic Review With Meta-Analyses

February/ March 2023 - Effects of Intensive Versus Distributed Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy for Children With Unilateral Cerebral Palsy: A Quasi-Randomized Trial

January 2023 - Functional Neuroplasticity and Motor Skill Change Following Gross Motor Interventions for Children With Diplegic Cerebral Palsy

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