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September 2021
The strength of the corticospinal not the reticulospinal tract determines upper limb impairment and skill acquisition capacity in sub-acute stroke.

Ulrike Hammerbeck, PhD, Sarah F Tyson, PhD, Prawin Samraj, MS, Kristen Leigh Hollands, PhD, John Krakauer, MD, John Rothwell, PhD

August 2021
Effects of a Tailored Physical Activity Intervention on Cardiovascular Structure and Function in Individuals With Spinal Cord Injury

Alexandra Mackenzie Williams, PhD, Jasmin K Ma, PhD, Kathleen Martin Ginis, PhD, Christopher West, PhD

July 2021
A New Definition of Poststroke Spasticity & the Interference of Spasticity with Motor Recovery from Acute to Chronic Stages

Sheng Li, MD, PhD, Gerard E. Francisco, MD, W. Zev Rymer, MD, PhD

June 2021
An Exercise Mimetic Approach to Reduce Poststroke Deconditioning and Enhance Stroke Recovery

Matthew W. McDonald, PhD, Matthew S. Jeffers, MSc, Lama Issa, Anthony Carter, Allyson Ripley, Lydia M. Kuhl, Cameron Morse, Cesar H. Comin, PhD, Bernard J. Jasmin, PhD, Baptiste Lacoste, PhD, Dale Corbett, PhD

May 2021
Comparing a Novel Neuroanimation Experience to Conventional Therapy for High-Dose Intensive Upper-Limb Training in Subacute Stroke: The SMARTS2 Randomized Trial
John W. Krakauer, MD, Tomoko Kitago, MD, Jeff Goldsmith, PhD, Omar Ahmad, PhD, Promit Roy, Joel Stein, MD, Lauri Bishop, PhD, DPT, Kelly Casey, OTD, Belen Valladares, MPH, Michelle D. Harran, Juan Camilo Cortes, MD, Alexander Forrence, Jing Xu, PhD, Sandra DeLuzio, Jeremia P. Held, PhD, Anne Schwarz, MSc, Levke Steiner, MD, Mario Widmer, PhD, Kelly Jordan, Daniel Ludwig, DPT, Meghan Moore, DPT, Marlena Barbera, Isha Vora, Rachel Stockley, PhD, Pablo Celnik, MD, Steven Zeiler, MD, PhD, Meret Branscheidt, MD, Gert Kwakkel, PhD, Andreas R. Luft, MD

April 2021
Ipsilateral Motor Pathways and Transcallosal Inhibition During Lower Limb Movement After Stroke
Brice T. Cleland, PhD, Sangeetha Madhavan, PT, PhD

March 2021
Investigating Therapies for Freezing of Gait Targeting the Cognitive, Limbic, and Sensorimotor Domains

Rebecca Chow, Bryan P. Tripp, PhD, Daniel Rzondzinski, PhD, Quincy J Almeida, PhD

February 2021
Identifiable Patterns of Trait, State, and Experience in Chronic Stroke Recovery
E. Susan Duncan, PhD, A. Duke Shereen, PhD, Thanos Gentimis, PhD, Steven L. Small, PhD, MD

January 2021
Five Features to Look for in Early-Phase Clinical Intervention Studies
Jonathan S. Tsay, DPT, Carolee J. Winstein, PhD

December 2020
Multimodal Neuroimaging Using Concurrent EEG/fNIRS for Poststroke Recovery Assessment: An Exploratory Study
Rihui Li, PhD, Sheng Li, MD, PhD, Jinsook Roh, PhD, Chushan Wang, MS, Yingchun Zhang, PhD

November 2020
The Impact of Sleep Disorders on Functional Recovery and Participation Following Stroke: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

George D. Fulk, PhD, Pierce Boyne, PhD, Makenzie Hauger, Raktim Ghosh, Samantha Romano, Jonathan Thomas, Amy Slutzky, PhD, Karen Klingman, PhD

October 2020
Physiotherapy in Parkinson’s Disease: A Meta-Analysis of Present Treatment Modalities
Danique L. M. Radder, MD , Ana Ligia Silva de Lima, PhD, Josefa Domingos, MSc, Samyra H. J. Keus, PhD,
Marlies van Nimwegen, PhD, Bastiaan R. Bloem, MD, PhD, Nienke M. de Vries, PhD

September 2020
Distinct Effects of Motor Training on Resting-State Functional Networks of the Brain in Parkinson’s Disease
Amgad Droby, PhD, Inbal Maidan, PhD, Yael Jacob, PhD, Nir Giladi, MD, Jeffrey M. Hausdorff, PhD, Anat Mirelman, PhD

August 2020
The Damaged Spinal Cord Is a Suitable Target for Stem Cell Transplantation
Armin Curt, MD, Jane Hsieh, MSc, Martin Schubert, MD, Markus Hupp, MD, Susanne Friedl, MD, Patrick Freund, MD,
Evenline Huber, PhD, Dario Pfyffer, MSc, Reto Sutter, MD, Catherine Jutzeler, PhD, Rudolf P. Wüthrich, MD, 
Kan Min, MD, Steve Casha, MD, Michael G. Fehlings, MD, Raphael Guzman, MD

July 2020
Sleep Disruption After Brain Injury Is Associated With Worse Motor Outcomes and Slower Functional Recovery

Melanie K. Fleming, PhD, Tom Smejka, MSc, David Henderson Slater, MRCP, Veerle Van Gils, MSc, Emma Garratt, Ece Yilmaz Kara, MD, Heidi Johansen-Berg, PhD

June 2020
A Head-to-Head Comparison of an Isometric and a Concentric Fatigability Protocol and the Association With Fatigue and Walking in Persons With Multiple Sclerosis
Laurits Taul-Madsen, MSc, Ulrik Dalgas, PhD, Tue Kjolhede, PhD, Lars G. Hvid, PhD, Thor Peterson, MD, Morten Riemenschneider, MSc

May 2020
Effects of Virtual Reality Therapy on Gait and Balance Among Individuals With Spinal Cord Injury: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

Libak Abou, PT, MSc, Vonjiniaina Domohina Malala, PT, MSc, Rebecca Yarnot MSc, Aditya Alluri, Laura A. Rice, PhD, MPT

April 2020
Motor Imagery Training After Stroke Increases Slow-5 Oscillations and Functional Connectivity in the Ipsilesional Inferior Parietal Lobule
Xu Wang, PhD, Hewei Wang, PhD, Xin Xiong, Changhui Sun, Bing Zhu, Yiming Xu, Mingxia, MD, Shanbao Tong, PhD, Limin Sun, MD, Xiaoli Guo, PhD

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