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July 2023
Predicting Motor Outcomes Using Atlas-Based Voxel Features of Post-Stroke Neuroimaging: A Scoping Review
Ji-Hun Yoo, Benjamin Chong, PhD, Peter Alan Barber, MBChB, Cathy Stinear, PhD, and Alan Wang, PhD

May 2023
Does Exercise Attenuate Disease Progression in People With Parkinson’s Disease? A Systematic Review With Meta-Analyses
Jiecheng A Li, BAppSc(Phty)(Hons), Marte B. Loevaas, BAppSc(Phty)(Hons), Catherine Guan, BAppSc(Phty)(Hons), Lina Goh, PhD, Natalie E. Allen, PhD, Margaret K. Y. Mak, PhD, Jinglei Lv, PhD, and Serene S. Paul, PhD

May 2023
Walking Outcome After Traumatic Paraplegic Spinal Cord Injury: The Function of Which Myotomes Makes a Difference?

Adrian Cathomen, PhD, Doris Maier, MD, Jiri Kriz, PhD, MD, Rainer Abel, MD, Frank Röhrich, MD, Michael Baumberger, MD, Giorgio Scivoletto, PhD, Norbert Weidner, MD, Rüdiger Rupp, PhD, Catherine R. Jutzeler, PhD, John D. Steeves, PhD, Armin Curt, MD, and Marc Bolliger, PhD

February/ March 2023
Effects of Intensive Versus Distributed Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy for Children With Unilateral Cerebral Palsy: A Quasi-Randomized Tria

Tien-Ni Wang, PhD, Kai-Jie Liang, PhD, Yi-Chia Liu, MS, Jeng-Yi Shieh, MD, and Hao-Ling Chen, PhD

January 2023
Functional Neuroplasticity and Motor Skill Change Following Gross Motor Interventions for Children With Diplegic Cerebral Palsy
Alicia J. Hilderley, PhD, F. Virginia Wright, PhD, Margot J. Taylor, PhD, Joyce L. Chen, PhD, and Darcy Fehlings, MD, MSc 

Gait-Adaptability Training in People With Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia: A Randomized Clinical Trial
Lotte van de Venis, MSc, Bart van de Warrenburg, PhD, Vivian Weerdesteyn, PhD, Alexander C. H. Geurts, PhD, and Jorik Nonnekes, PhD

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