2019 Handouts and Session Recordings

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Reliability and Reproducibility in Neurorehabilitation Research
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Organized by Sook-Lei Liew, PhD, OTR/L

Individual Talks
Introduction to Reproducible Science
- Sook-Lei Liew, PhD, OTR/L
Hands on Database Management
- Sook-Lei Liew, PhD, OTR/L
Hands on Analysis Pipelines
- James Finley, PhD
Hands on Data Visualization
- Keith Lohse, PhD, Pstat

The Road and the Map Forward: Funding and Grant-Writing Opportunities for Early and Transitioning Career
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- Catherine Lang, PhD, PT presenting on behalf of Heidi Schambra, MD


Thursday, October 17, 2019

Theory to Therapy: Negotiated equilibrium-based approaches to inducing targeted neuroplasticity that enhances recovery of function
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Organized by Aiko Thompson, PhD and Jonathan R. Wolpaw, MD

Individual Talks
Introduction: The Problem, the Model, and the Strategy
- Jonathan R. Wolpaw, MD
Targeted Spinal Cord Plasticity Enhances Voluntary Motor Output after SCI
- Monica Perez, PT, PhD
Changing a Spinal Reflex Improves Locomotion after SCI
- Aiko Thompson, PhD
Targeted Neuroplasticity and Its Functional Impact After Stroke: A Computational Study
- Sumner Norman, PhD

Oral Abstract Session
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Introduction - Lewis Wheaton, PhD, 2019 ASNR Program Chair

EEG-informed Machine Learning of Movement Primitives for Neurorehabilitation Robots
- Konstantinos Michmizos, PhD
Residual Ruins: The effect of spinal cord injury edema on potential functional recovery
- Alondra Medina
Emotion recognition impairments after right-hemisphere stroke – an important factor for long-term outcomes?
- Anna Seydell-Greenwald, PhD
Effects of Timing and Sex on Neuroprotective Efficacy of Remote Ischemic Conditioning in a Rat Stroke Model
- Matthew McDonald, PhD

Advances in Noninvasive Neuromodulation for Aphasia Treatment
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Organized by Roy Hamilton, MD, MS

Individual Talks
TMS in the Treatment of Post-stroke Aphasia
- Roy Hamilton, MD, MS 
tDCS in the Treatment of Post-stroke Aphasia
- Julius Fridriksson, PhD
tDCS in the Treatment of Primary Progressive Aphasias
- Kyrana Tsapkin


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Travels Along the Translational Highway
- Dale Corbett, PhD

((Slides with Recording))

Smart Mice to Smart Humans: Molecular Memory Systems in Stroke Recovery
- S. Thomas Carmichael, MD, PhD

((Slides with Recording))

Will Rehabilitation Ascend to the Top of the Medical Totem Pole?
- V. Reggie Edgerton, PhD


Structure in Complexity: Using machine learning in neurorehabilitation research
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Organized by Heidi Schambra, MD

Individual Talks
Machine Learning: A primer and application in childhood apraxia of speech
- Avinash Parnandi, PhD
Machine Learning for Kinematic Analysis of Upper Extremity Movements in Humans and Rodents
- Ahmet Arac, MD
Machine Learning for the Large-scale Segmentation of MRI Images after Stroke
- Sook-Lei Liew, PhD, OTR/L


Why Do Animals Recover Post-Stroke but Our Patients Do Not?
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Organized by Steven Zeiler, MD, PhD

Individual Talks
– Steven Zeiler, MD, PhD
Of Mice and Men: Is it the experiments, the anatomy, or both that distinguish pre-clinical and clinical recovery
– Randolph Nudo, PhD, FASNR
Translational mechanisms – How do we use animal models to inform type, dosing, and timing of interventions
– Mary Teena Joy, MD, PhD
The Path Forward – Finding harmony between pre-clinical and clinical care
– S. Thomas Carmichael, MD, PhD


Controversies in Neurorehabilitation Session - Proportional Recovery: Maxim or Myth
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Moderated by John Krakauer, MD

Individual Talks
Introduction and Setting Ground Rules
- John Krakauer, MD
PRO: Proportional Recovery – Clinical description and utility
– Gert Kwakkel, PhD, PT
ANTI: Proportional Recovery – Mathematical coupling
- Rachel Hawe, DPT, PhD
ANTI: Proportional Recovery - Ceiling effects
- Thomas Hope, PhD
PRO: Proportional Recovery
- Jeff Goldsmith, PhD
- Moderated by John Krakauer, MD