Graduated Trainee-Professional Membership Pricing

ASNR is pleased to offer graduated dues for those transitioning from Trainee Members to Professional Members. Eligible members who have completed the trainee stage of their career development can request a one-time coupon code from the ASNR Executive Office in the year they lose Trainee status or the following year. The code discounts their dues to halfway between current Trainee and Professional rates.

Full policy details:

  1. Purpose: To offer graduated membership dues as members transition from the Trainee membership category to the Professional membership category
  2. Eligibility: Graduated Trainee-Professional Dues are available to any member who has reached the end of their eligibility for the Trainee membership category. A member may only use this discount one time, and it must be used in the year in which they lose eligibility for the Trainee membership category or the year immediately following.
  3. Discount and Terms: The coupon code provides a discount in the amount necessary to make the member’s dues halfway between the current Trainee dues and Professional dues.
  4. Coupon Code Creation & Distribution: The Executive Office will create a new, unique coupon code every year in the early fall before the dues renewal process begins. Members must request the coupon code by emailing the Executive Office.
  5. Redemption Process: Members enter the coupon code during online dues renewal, and the system verifies and applies the discount.
  6. Communication: Detailed information about eligibility and terms will be provided on the website and emailed out to Trainee members.
  7. Review and Modification: The policy will be periodically evaluated and modified as needed.
  8. Compliance: Misuse or unauthorized distribution of coupon codes may result in termination of benefits.
  9. Effective Date: This policy is effective from September 1, 2023.

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