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Texas NeuroRehab Center specializes in neuro rehabilitation for medically complex patients who’ve suffered a catastrophic SCI and/or ABI. Our 67-acre campus has a neuro LTACH, IPR and Post-Acute Brain Injury continuum of care. We have 7 dedicated physicians on-site daily, 2 of which follow each patient throughout their treatment and communication across levels of care is seamless. Our neuro LTACH can accept patients Rancho ≥ 2 or GCS ≥ 8. These patients receive ≤ 3 hours/day of neuro specialized therapy as tol-erated and appropriate. Texas NeuroRehab has seasoned and deeply compassionate staff who are proud to serve our patients.

Rogue Research has been your partner in non-invasive brain stimulation and translational research for over 20 years. We pioneered neuronavigation for TMS with Brainsight and continue this leadership role by supporting emerging fUS devices for neuromodulation as well as developing the most advanced TMS stimulator, the Elevate TMS and our unique robotic positioner.

Partners in Medicine provides high-tech, leading edge rehabilitation devices. These include the Jaco Robotic Arm, O540 Powered Arm Support, and O110 Mechanical Arm Support. And we are excited to introduce Robert the Physical Therapy Robot! This device dramatically increases physical therapy exercise repetitions while reducing therapist time and strain.

The MotionMonitor integrated system provide real-time visualization, synchronous data collection and analysis with support for motion capture, EMG, force, eye-tracking, EEG, virtual reality and more. The MotionMonitor provides the ability to present user-defined visual and auditory biofeedback, without programming efforts, in a flexible, student-friendly interface. A wide variety of technologies are integrated, including markerless motion capture, cameras, IMUs and electromagnetics. Any technology can be used standalone or in combination, providing unique hybrid motion capture solutions. The Motion-Monitor team provides full systems complete with hardware, software and training, or can work you to integrate existing technologies into a software-only package.
MindMaze is a global leader in brain technology and digital neurotherapeutic solutions for brain health. The healthcare division is advancing breakthrough solutions in neurology, including stroke. MindMaze’s portfolio includes immersive gamified upper-limb motor with cognitive training and an interactive game-based rehabilitation therapy for upper-limb, lower-limb and hand.  

The Medical Rehabilitation Research Resource (MR3) Network comprises six Rehabilitation Research Resource Centers that provide infrastructure and access to expertise, technologies, and resources to foster clinical and translational research in medical rehabilitation. MR3 Network centers offer expertise from the cell to whole body across the lifespan to imple-mentation into practice with expertise in regenerative rehabilitation, neuromodulation, pediatric rehabilitation, technology for real-world assessment, and translation/ dissemination research.

The National Center of Neuromodulation for Rehabilitation works to develop the emerging science of neuromodulation, focusing this knowledge on enhancing rehabilitation. To that end, the Center offers a range of learning opportunities, such as workshops, conferences, and webinars. We invite researchers to visit the Center and make use of our extensive facilities to conduct research or to consult or collaborate with our faculty. We also provide several funding opportunities to support work in neuromodulation for rehabilitation.

Stroke, brain injury, and other central nervous system disorders can impair movement, language, information processing, and other abilities. MRRI is devoted to improving the lives of individuals with neurological disabilities through research that occupies a unique position within a translational “pipeline” from basic neuroscience to clinical neuroscience and neurorehabilitation. We perform basic research, framed by theoretical perspectives, that leads to advances in neurorehabilitation assessment and treatment, as well as patient-based research that informs basic science theories of cognitive and motor functioning, their neural bases, and the processes of change in these systems.


Exhibits will be held in the Goldroom at the Francis Marion Hotel.
- All exhibit spaces include an 6 ft. skirted table and two side chairs.

The exhibit hall will be shared with the poster session. Please note, there will be no professional decorator services available. You must coordinate your own shipping of equipment/materials to and from the hotel as well as provide your own signage. 



Attn: Bailey Williams, ASNR 2023
387 King Street, Charleston, South Carolina 29403



You receive two complimentary, company representatives, who are welcome to attend all onsite meeting activities & scientific sessions.

If you have any additional representatives (more than 2) they need to either register with an exhibit hall badge (this will only get you into the exhibit hall and onsite meals) or a regular meeting attendee.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact the ASNR Executive Office at

We look forward to seeing you in Charleston very soon!

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