Year Long Sustaining Partnership

Sustaining ASNR Partners

      BKIN Technologies is the designer and manufacturer of KINARM Labs™ - providing robust and objective measures of brain function and dysfunction through precise measurement of human behavior. Originally developed by neuroscientists, KINARM Labs allow clinician-scientists to detect and quantify the sensory, motor and cognitive impacts of a range of neurological impairments caused by stroke, cardiac arrest, TIA, TBI, MS or Parkinson’s disease - all in a short <1h assessment.  KINARM is an essential tool for delivery of personalized medicine and the development of new CNS therapies.

Kessler Foundation is a public charity dedicated to improving quality of life for individuals with disabilities.
Kessler Foundation strives to improve the lives of people with physical and cognitive disabilities caused by stroke, multiple sclerosis, brain and spinal cord injury, and other chronic neurologic and musculoskeletal conditions. Over the past decade, Kessler Foundation has invested almost $50 million in the work of its researchers, who develop ways to help people with disabilities overcome obstacles to leading full and productive lives in our communities.

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