ASNR Foundation Event

The Education & Research Foundation of the American Society of Neurorehabilitation invites you to join us for casual evening reception that promises to be social, relaxing, and at least a little bit educational. The reception occurs during the midpoint of the ASNR Annual meeting in San Diego, on Thursday, 1 November 2018.

This year we are pleased to feature a presentation by Dr. Bradley Voytek, one of the great communicators in the neuroscience field, as well as a very prominent researcher with experience in recovery of function after brain injury. His talk will be followed by food and drinks in a beautiful, convenient oceanside setting.

Bradley Voytek, PhD

    Neuroscience: Data rich, theory poor
Neuroscience is creating data at an unprecedented rate. There is an explosion of ‘‘big data’’ initiatives in neuroscience, ranging from recording from thousands of neurons simultaneously, to massive repositories of thousands of peoples' worth of human functional and structural brain imaging, to population-wide genetic data. Despite this wealth of data, major "theories of the brain" remain elusive. This has led many to lament that neuroscience is data rich, but theory poor.


ASNR Foundation Reception Tickets
Members: $25
Guests: $50

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