George Wittenberg, MD, PhD


Getting to know Dr. Wittenberg...

Dr. George Wittenberg's ongoing research interests presently lie understanding human upper extremity motor function over the lifespan and range of neurological illnesses. Towards that end, he uses transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS,) EEG and functional imaging to understand motor cortical reorganization following stroke and in designing and testing new methods for neurorehabilitation. 

Currently Dr. Wittenberg is working on hybrid methods of combining TMS with robotic and virtual reality training, to maximize the return of motor function after neurological injury by harnessing activity-dependent brain plasticity. He also conduct clinical trials in stroke and provide specialized clinical services to those with problems in movement after stroke.

Q: Do you have children?
A: I have two children, both sophomores, but one in high school and the other in college. Our college-age daughter is majoring in both food science and theater at U. Maryland.

Q: What's your favorite holiday?
A: The Jewish Festival of Booths, Sukkoth. It’s a chance to building something, eat outside, and it lasts for a week so there’s no pressure to celebrate all at once.

Q: What do you do to keep fit?
I bike to work almost every day and then take longer road rides on the weekends. Then I balance that with some weight training and yoga. I also play badminton, not to keep fit, just for fun.

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