American Society of Neurorehabilitation

ASNR Clinical Research Network

Call for Applications for Seed Funding for Collaborative Clinical Research Projects
2016 Application Deadline: October 10th, 2016

Applications for funding up to $5000 to start a collaborative clinical research project using the ASNR clinical research network are now being accepted.

ASNR is seeking to facilitate neurorehabilitation research teams and research projects that are low cost and easy to implement in clinical practice across multiple sites.  The goal of this pilot grant program is to support evidence-based clinical practice as well as to provide opportunities for building research teams and for junior researchers to work with more experienced researchers.  To this end, ASNR solicits proposals from investigators who wish to conduct a study that would investigate some aspect of clinical practice, including descriptive-observational, mechanistic or interventional research that easily fits within normal clinical routines.  These pilot funds are intended to help with the costs of starting a collaborative network and/or to help with the costs of starting up the clinical research project.  ASNR will review these proposals and will provide the successful applicants with up to $5,000 to start and conduct a collaborative clinical research project. You may wish to use the ASNR clinical network infrastructure to identify additional collaborative sites for your project. More information on the benefits, application process, and review criteria is found below.

Considerations for applicants:
This first time ASNR pilot funding opportunity is a good way to seed a collaboration with others who are interested in the same or similar clinical questions.

Some of the general benefits for junior and senior investigators are the opportunity to network and collaborate around a clinical issue and develop your research skills, including multi-site project and budget management, while at the same time collecting data that may answer a simple clinical question or lead to further grant applications, and advance the field of neurorehabilitation.

If you have a research interest, but know you do not have the patient population at your institution, this might be an opportunity to find appropriate investigators/sites for exploring your clinical research ideas.

Some specific benefits include:

  • Pilot funding of up to $5000 for start-up costs for a collaborative clinical research project (see Application for eligible expenses)
  • Access to a peer review process to refine your ideas
  • Access to the ASNR programming for network and research refinement
  • ASNR will help connect feasible ideas for a research project to ASNR member who might wish to join.
  • Guaranteed dissemination venue to an audience with interest in your work
  • Opportunities for collaboration with ASNR members (i.e., those with expertise)
  • Opportunities for capacity building of junior investigators and non-research sites
  • Access to ASNR database (to be developed) with information on investigators research interests and specific patient populations.

Clinical Trails Research Proposal Outline

Clinical Trials Review Criteria