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Provide a detailed narrative of the nominee's qualifications. The nominee must be an individual who has supported the mission and vision of ASNR. Because the mission of the ASNR is to promote the medical and social wellbeing of persons with disabling neurological disorders, to advance training and research in the basic and clinical sciences that can lead to functional recovery of neurologically impaired persons, and to disseminate the knowledge of this research among professionals and the general public, nominees may have contributed in different ways, but must have worked to improve the status of people with neurological disability. Primary contributions of the nominees may have been in the development of clinical neurorehabilitation, or the science of rehabilitation (mechanisms of neural repair, translational research from mechanisms of repair), so long as their work had broad implications for the role of neurorehabilitation in medical care. List the nominee’s contributions, and the impact of these contributions on science, clinical care, and society. (Maximum of 2,000 characters) *
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