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The mission of the ASNR is to promote the medical and social wellbeing of persons with disabling neurological disorders, to advance training and research in the basic and clinical sciences that can lead to functional recovery of neurologically impaired persons, and to disseminate the knowledge of this research among professionals and the general public.

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Professionals with an interest in the scientific basis of neural repair and neurorehabilitation or the management of the neurological patients are invited to apply for membership in the Society. Those with an interest would include physicians and allied health professionals in the following fields:

Advocacy       Neurology        Physical Therapy   
Basic Neuroscience Research       Neurosurgery       Psychiatry  
Biomedical Engineering       Nursing       Psychology   
Clinical Trails       Occupational Therapy       Recreational Therapy  
Clinical Care       Orthopedics        Social Work  
Geriatrics       Other Rehabilitation Research       Speech/Language Therapy  
Human Neuroscience Research       Pediatrics       Trauma  
Internal Medicine       Physiatry       Urology