Auto Renewal Process

New to ASNR! Automatic Dues Renewal
ASNR is pleased to provide all new and renewing members with the opportunity to enroll in automatic dues renewal. This service will require that you store a credit card within your secure ASNR member profile.

Please follow the steps below to enroll in automatic dues renewal.
Step 1: Renew your ASNR membership.
Please log in to the ASNR website using your username to renew your 2018 dues. If you cannot remember your password, please click here to reset it.

Step 2: Access your member profile.
Once your ASNR membership dues have been paid, go to the 'Members' Tab on the ASNR website tool bar and select 'Profile'.

Step 3: Enroll Now.
Under the 'Edit My Profile' page, select the 'Membership Auto-Renewal' link.

Step 4: Store Credit Card:
You can either use an existing stored credit card or you can enroll using a new credit card. Once the necessary credit card information has been provided, select 'Submit and Enroll Now'.

Step 5: Auto Dues Notice.
Two weeks prior to your membership expiration date, you will receive an email notification of the pending automatic renewal with the dues amount to be charged.

Step 6: Auto Dues Payment. 
One week prior to your membership expiration date, your ASNR dues will be processed automatically using the stored credit card associated with your ASNR profile. The renewal and payment will be recorded in the system just as if it were processed manually and your record will be updated with the new expiration date.

If you enroll, your first automatic dues renewal will be used for your next year's membership dues.